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Everything You Need to Know About Hydro Jetting

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Almost every homeowner has come across a clogged drain in their home. Our drains go through a lot in a given week. From soap suds and hair to grime and food scraps, your drains are constantly exposed to clog-inducing substances, which is why it’s crucial to practice proper drain maintenance regularly.


When you notice a clogged drain, what’s your first course of action? Some homeowners opt for a plunger, vinegar and baking soda solution, or worst of all—a chemical drain cleaner. We’re here to educate you on the benefits and process of hydro jetting, a highly effective drain cleaning solution targeted to tackle the toughest of clogs.


How Does it Work?

The process of hydro jetting is efficient and straightforward. Nozzles are fed inside the affected pipe or drain, and highly pressurized water is shot at the clog for quick and chemical-free removal. Different water pressures will be used by your technician depending on the location and size of the clog.


Hydro jetting is the perfect solution for drains plagued with sand, hair clogs, or debris. It can easily remove these substances from the pipe’s interior walls, leaving you with a clean and efficient plumbing system. Your drains are one of the most crucial components of your plumbing system, so it’s essential to keep them in good condition to serve your household for years to come.


When is it Necessary?

Drain clogs can be a pain for any homeowner, but not every clog is the perfect candidate for hydro jetting. We recommend sticking to professional drain cleanings and sink plungers for easy to reach clogs. Hydro jetting is suitable for deep-rooted drain or line clogs or buildup.


Suppose your plumbing system regularly falls victim to clogs. In that case, we recommend hydro jetting! Removing excess buildup, grease, minerals, and more can leave your system renewed and ready to serve your plumbing needs.


What are the Benefits?

If you’re new to the magic of hydro jetting, you may not be aware of the entirety of its benefits for your plumbing components. Our plumbing experts have broken down a select few of the advantages of hydro jetting:

Effective Cleaning

It can be a struggle to keep drains clean and clear when you’ve got a full household. Hydro jetting is a highly effective drain cleaning solution. From sticky residue to stubborn sludge, this process can restore the condition of your drain system. In fact, it’s a more effective drain cleaning solution than snaking and has lasting results.

Safe for the Environment

Hydro jetting is also environmentally friendly! Thanks to the absence of chemicals, you can trust that this water-based solution will clean your drains without causing harm to your local environment.

Odor Removal

When there’s buildup in your drains, there’s also a growing number of bacteria that can emit not-so-pleasant odors. Hydro jetting can quickly remove this bacteria buildup and clear your home of drain odors.

Always Accurate

Hydro jetting can be used to clear both drains and sewer lines. Suppose you have a deep-rooted clog in your sewer system that is not easily accessible. Hydro jetting can reach these clogs and blast them away without having to destroy parts of your home or yard. The non-invasive nature of hydro jetting has made the service very popular among today’s homeowners!


Professional Hydro Jetting Services

Clogs are no match for our superior drain cleaning services! Whether you need professional drain cleanings or efficient hydro jetting services, Wolfschmidt Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is here to restore your home’s plumbing system. Give your drains the extra attention they deserve this season! Give us a call today at (856) 512-1832 or contact us online for more information on our premier hydro jetting services.